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Because you deserve a second chance

I know what’s it’s like to have played a sport. Here’s your chance at a comeback.

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Ready to commit to achieving your dream body? Connect with our community. Bring your ambition, and I will tailor your nutrition and training. You can exercise, eat, & shred like me. It’s easy to wish for some “get ripped quick” results, but dedicating your effort toward a true transformation is what it takes to succeed. Still ready?


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Beginner or expert, this community is for you. Join our member-only Facebook & In-App groups where you’ll have the opportunity to share, learn, and grow in an environment shaped by you. Learning how to transform yourself will boost your confidence, improve your self-image, and help you enjoy life. So, forget about the societal standards for beauty and fitness. Set new standards of your own.


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... the only impossible journey is one you never begin.

The first six weeks of dedicated training and diet has been a huge wake up call. The time is now


Shred sent me to meet my maker today. However, it was nice and toasty down there.


I fricken LOVE this workout. It’s makes me feel like an athlete 🤩


Take your homeworkouts to the next level