ShredLikeHarrell: A Life-Changing Fitness Transformation Through 30-Day Challenge - By Tyler Penske of Kivo Daily

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The only impossible journey is one you never begin,” reads a part of the official website of fitness model and trainer Joshua Harrell. Today, the rising trainer takes on a mission to implement a life-changing fitness transformation for his clients in only 30 days through high-quality personal training services at ShredLikeHarrell.

Joshua Harrell is the founder of ShredLikeHarrell, a brand geared toward effective and holistic personal coaching and training and meal planning. To further his education in fitness, he is now studying sports psychology through kinesiology. He is an ISSA-certified trainer holding a 1st place trophy from the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). Much of the foundation of his training experience is his six years of military service, which has trained him to possess impressive discipline and structure from an elite level.

Moreover, Joshua is also an F45 Rowland Heights fitness instructor holding group classes. Aside from spearheading ShredLikeHarrell, he is also a rising fitness model and fitness influencer and has even competed in Men’s Physique in IFBB. At present, he has a large and growing following on social media as well. However, most of his time is dedicated to being a personal coach and trainer for his company.

ShredLikeHarrell takes on a holistic approach when it comes to training. Joshua focuses on molding the mind and body of every client to achieve a life-changing transformation. His company offers in-person and online coaching to help clients achieve their fitness goals. However, the scheduling may be affected by the onset of the pandemic.

Since his company holds a precision nutrition certification, he provides a meal planning guide for his clients. All meal plans from ShredLikeHarrell are flexible and easy to follow. Moreover, these meal preparations are science-based and geared toward more sustainable weight loss while reducing health problems. 

ShredLikeHarrell recently launched its 30-day challenge, where Joshua helps clients attain a life-changing fitness transformation in only 30 days. The only requirement needed to succeed in this challenge is a genuine commitment. The challenge focuses on getting the body shredded, bulk up, or lose unwanted weight.

Joshua is an all-around trainer for both beginners and expert levels at ShredLikeHarrell. His all-around athletic experience has also allowed him to coach and train for bodybuilding purposes. With his impressive communication skills and passion for coaching, he sets the bar for his company. 

“I believe that people should be able to get quality information from a credible source. I am also highly passionate about fitness and I would like to help others accomplish the dream that they thought was impossible,” says the shredded fitness expert when asked about what fueled him to build his brand.

Today, Joshua continues to bring ShredLikeHarrell to greater heights by incorporating science-based approaches that ensure long term sustainable changes and, ultimately, client satisfaction. His most recently launched 30-day challenge program is set to make a difference for many who are struggling with their fitness aspirations. 

To know more about ShredLikeHarrell, please visit its official website.

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