ShredLikeHarrell Helps People Achieve Their Dream Bodies

ShredLikeHarrell Helps People Achieve Their Dream Bodies

ShredLikeHarrell is a health and wellness coaching company that caters to thousands of clients across the United States. The company is notorious for its efficiency in providing the best and most effective programs for anyone who wishes to achieve any fitness or body goal. Undeniably, there are thousands of fitness companies out there. But what separates the company from among them is Joshua Harrell, their CEO.

Joshua Harrell is a 26-year-old fitness coach who started his company to help people accomplish “the dreams that they thought were impossible.” He’s always been passionate about fitness. And he uses this passion to change the lives of thousands through ShredLikeHarrell. In the many years that he has thrived in the industry, competing with thousands of others, Joshua has learned that nothing beats a person with a superior experience.

He has quite proven this to be true. Joshua Harrell spent six years in the military, actively participating in several extreme activities that honed his physique. He also holds a 1st place trophy from the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) and has undergone extensive training — and eventually became a trainer — at the F45 Rowland Heights.

As a trainer, Joshua keeps close contact with all his clients. He wants to make sure that they are given the maximum attention possible. After one-on-one consultations, clients are provided with customized programs that match their goals. From specific meal plans to unique routines, ShredLikeHarrell is the perfect place to get the body that clients desire.

Apart from his evident physical prowess, Joshua values credibility above everything. He wants to make ShredLikeHarrell a trusted fitness company among people. He builds this trust by bringing top-notch service and accurate information to all of his clients. Even with the impressive credential that Joshua sports, he is currently majoring in sports psychology in college to further his knowledge about fitness.

It will not be a question, then, why Shred Like Harrell will become a top-tier fitness training company in no time. “I see us helping a very large number of people to believe and achieve. And use my knowledge to empower other trainers and individuals to achieve freedom in whatever ways that will apply to them,” Joshua said.

Faced with the pandemic, Joshua Harrell does not stop doing his mission. He engages in online consultations and training with individuals who are pinned at home. To add, unsure clients can also sign up for Joshua’s free trial and decide for themselves if the subscription will be worth it. And in every case, it has always been worth the try.

ShredLikeHarrell also started its merchandising arm. Their website, which also doubles as an online store, makes available jogger shorts, track pants, sports tanks, windbreakers, etc. Shred Like Harrell is ISSA-certified and has a Precision Nutrition Certificate. They continue to open their channels to widen the community that they serve.

For more information about ShredLikeHarrell, visit their website. For updates, give them a follow on Instagram (@shredlikeharrell).

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